The Government of the Confederate States of America (under occupation) does not sanction any violence against anyone or any group or any government including our occupying government of the United States of America or any of the satellite States thereof. Any civil servant, contractor or officer of the Government of the Confederate States of America who commits or incites acts of violence shall do so at their own risk and peril, and is subject to punitive action by the CSA Government, possibly including discharge and/or severance of their relations with the CSA national Government.

Although we do have and are operating our own government of the CSA which never surrendered, we are under occupation and thus we must therefore obey the constitutional statues of the United States and their satellite states, while we are still subject to their control.

The Government of the Confederate States of America (CSA) has neither intention nor designs to overthrow the United States of America, but rather shall seek termination of occupation of the Confederate States of America by peaceful means.

The Government of the Confederate States of America plans a peaceful growth of its citizenry and of its governmental structure from the bottom up. When timing is deemed appropriate a formal request from the CSA Secretary of State shall be made to the Secretary of State of our occupying nation, the USA, for a proper and responsible Peace Treaty between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America in order to formally end the war of Northern Aggression against the Southern States declared by Abraham Lincoln in 1861, and in effectuating an end to the unlawful military and civil occupation of our Confederate States.

In regards to militias, this is a right held by the people to bare arms and in general to participate in unregulated militias and a right of their States to organize regulated militias in which the citizens thereof may participate.

While the Confederate States of America is not interested in participating in the New World Order nor in having our sons fighting wars all over the globe over vague and supposed threats against “the national interests” of the United States or in the enforcement of the U.S. style of “Democracy” abroad , we would feel threatened if a foreign power were to attack or invade not only the United States, but even if they invaded Canada or Mexico, for that matter, because they are neighbors close to home for the Confederacy. Terrorism against us or our friends and neighbors is not acceptable.

We want the best for our neighbors including the people of our occupying nation. After all, citizens of the CSA have many friends, relatives and business interests in those nearby countries and we extend our good will to all of our neighbors and desire the same from them.



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