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Marxism and black liberation theology

Vance Beaudreau March 27, 2008     

In an article on Liberation theology in Kenya and the U.S. Election published on the internet on Mar 25, 2008 by David J. Jonsson, it is revealed that Black Liberation theology is a marriage of Communist (Marxist) ideas and certain portions of Christianity and even incorporates some of the ideas of Islam.  The main theme is that of the liberation of the oppressed.  Being oppressed is a definition of blackness. Jesus Christ is presented as a savior for the oppressed and thus is the ultimate black man.  They opt for salvation from oppression on Earth mainly over the offer of spiritual salvation in the hereafter.  The theology has strong satanic overtones and reminds one of the attempted temptation of the Lord Jesus by Satan for an earthly Kingdom of power without the need of crucifixion.
Black Liberation places emphasis on change to lift the oppression off of the oppressed (in this case the Blacks).
Clearly this is a very racist theology disguised as opposing oppression.

Christ stated:
MATTHEW 15:24 “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 

Moses taught strict segregation for the tribes (House) of Israel. Yet Christ also taught compassion for the poor and the sick and of love for thy neighbor; a gospel of love not hate.

A large number of Black churches today preach Black Liberation and oppression at the hands of the hated White man and his establishment.  Rev. Wright simply exposed this to the media to their shock.
The communist program objective is to pit workers against their employers and to teach oppression.  In Central America, Christian Communism is taught with the same emphasis on oppression of the poor worker class.  Barack Obama felt comfortable for 20 years with this theology which must have re-enforced his early education in the Wabie schools of Islam.  Confederates should take heed.  It is bad enough being under the illegal occupation of the Fascist Corporatism of the Federal Union establishment. We need not find ourselves in a racist Communistic establishment.


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