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Most information supplied by Mike Ferrara of Montana & Vance Beaudreau of Texas- August 13, 2007

The numbers are in and yesterday the Constitution of the United States actually was breathing and off the respirator for the first time in years. We had 11 men running and to have a chance we needed one of the good guys to be AT LEAST in the top 6. As luck would have it WE HAD 2 in the top 5. The 3 guys and the ONLY 3 guys who believe in TRUE Constitutional Government running in either party are Paul, Tancredo and Hunter. Unfortunately Duncan Hunter didn't do well but Tom and Ron did FABULOUS!!!

I have been financially supporting all 3 but publically I only have been pushing Ron Paul because I believe he has the best chance of the 3 to win ( and I've been hoping Tancredo or Hunter as VP).The last thing needed is to be splitting this long shot vote. This is going to get VERY INTERESTING going forward. Remember, Trancredo and Paul split basically the same vote. Trancredo is the close the borders NO AMNESTY immigration leader from Colorado and Paul is the Constitutional Libertarian Republican from TX. Both are looking out for America and Americans for a change, just saying it a little differently. Add both Tom, Duncan and Ron's votes together and guess what WE COME IN A CLOSE SECOND PLACE w/ 3440 votes or 24% !!!! Not bad considering Romney out spent the 3 put together 10 to 1. As the field narrows, our guys or guy will pick up more and more steam w/ their constitutional messages! I urge you to go to both their web pages and read about these great Patriots. and . It will start your day off with a smile and give you hope that help may be finally on the way! On to New Hampshire and South Carolina!! NH is a Libertarian State (Free State project) and South Carolina has a big illegal problem so the good guys should do real well AGAIN!!!! Keep your fingers crossed and keep getting out the word!!!! Have a great week! Regards Michael


1) Mitt Romney 4516 / 31.5%

2) Mike Huckabee 2587 / 18.1%

3) Sam Brownback 2192 / 15.3%

4) TOM TANCREDO 1961 / 15.3%

5) RON PAUL 1305 / 9.1%

6) Tommy Thompson 1039 / 7.3%

7) Fred Thompson 203 / 1.4%

8) Rudy Guliani 183 / 1.3%

9) Duncan Hunter 174 / 1.2%

10) John McCain 101 / 1.0%

11) John Cox 41 / .1%

Total Votes 14,303

Total tickets sold 26,000

PS: Romney bought 6000 Tickets!!!! AT $35 each ($210,000 total) and only got 4516 votes!!! He's not as strong as they lead you to believe as 1,494 of his voters stayed home!!!



Carol Paul, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, had surgery in Iowa Sunday to install a heart pacemaker.

Carol Paul, Ron Paul’s wife, was hospitalized Saturday after experiencing an irregular heartbeat. Her husband attended the Iowa straw poll after doctors gave him assurances his wife would be fine. Her illness no doubt decreased Ron Paul’s effectiveness in Iowa, but now she should be fine. A statement from Paul's campaign said Carol Paul's surgery was a success and she is expected to make a full recovery. Vance Beaudreau, Director of Registration

Confederate citizens have been advised to use their dual citizenship to vote as they please in the election for officials in the United States (Federal Union), and they understand that the government of the Confederate States of America does not participate in elections of other nations. This includes the United States, however that nation is our occupying nation and therefore involves our CSA citizens and their allowed rights. This is the reason why we carry information on Ron Paul who has been a speaker at Confederate heritage functions and his platform is close to and in agreement with most of our Confederate creed issues.

A ticket of Paul/Tancredo, if elected could do much to ease the dictatorial strain on the people and could produce an atmosphere conducive to the growth in strength of the Confederate government. All the other choices are establishment choices which will perpetuate the empire. If Paul did not win election, he will at least help wake up Joe six pack which will also make growth of the Confederate government so it could be a win situation either way.  Vance Beaudreau, Director of Registration



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