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The C.S.A. Security Council

Update: 8/23/07

The Council of 40 has voted to support the creation of the C.S.A. Security Council as well as the men appointed.

In the furtherance of the Restoration process for the Confederate government the Constitutional Court has Ordered the creation of the C.S.A. Security Council to serve as an interim executive branch in the Provisional C.S.A. Government during the period of time prior to the national Convention of States.(After at least 7 States hold their Constitutional Conventions to elect re-staffing officials). After the national Convention of States a senate will be sworn in and a Senate President will be elected. If the States attending the Convention ratify and accept the Senate President as a national President Pro tempore, then the national government will have an intrim executive who will serve for one year. A full term President when elected Constitutionally by the States will then serve a six year term as provided under the CSA Constitution.

After election of a national President (whether Pro tempore or full term) the C.S.A. Security Council will become advisors to the President and will assist in the President’s administration of the several executive branch departments.

See the Court Order attached.

The Office of Registration was ordered to appoint up to 12 men to this security council. Nine proven men have been appointed and their names will be revealed to you for your vote of support or rejection.

These men are:

Jason Nathaniel Coffman - Missouri

Craig Maus - North Carolina

William Frank Patterson - Miami, Florida

Landon Cahow - Florida

Jonathan Sampey - San Antonio, Texas

Mike Ferrara - Montana Territory

Mike Martin - Texas

Ray Akin - Georgia

Marcus Campbell - Houston, Texas

These men have proven themselves as strong confederate by their actions mostly as registrars. We have included copies of the Court Order to create a C.S.A. Security Council attached for your information.

The following acts of Congress are being considered to function under the Security Council:
No. 24.] AN ACT- To organize the Department of State.  APPROVED February 21, 1861.

Act 26:] To establish the War Department.- APPROVED February 21, 1861.

No. 43.] AN ACTTo raise Provisional Forces for the Confederate States of
America, and for other purposes.
  APPROVED February 28, 1861.

No. 48.] AN ACT - To provide for the Public Defence [borders].  APPROVED March 6, 1861.

People must not assume that hostile action is planned.  Rather Responsible planning and staffing is the main consideration in the thinking involving these Congressionally approved authorizations as interim measures for the strengthening of our Provisional C.S.A. Government.

Vance Beaudreau
Director, Office of Registration
Confederate States of America


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