The Security Council shall serve as the Executive Branch in the Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America in the interim prior to the election of a President of the Senate who shall with the permission of the C.S.A. Council of 40 [later to become the Council of Governors] serve as President Pro Tem over the national government of the Confederacy if ratified by 2/3rds of the of the Confederate States involved.

          The Chairman will act as the chief executive of the security council and thus of the national CSA, recognizing that he is subject to the oversight of the Constitutional Court and not free to establish or determine official positions or opinions,  or to launch ideas and actions without prior approval of the Court nor  without the majority approval of the Security Council. The Chairman shall act as chairman assigning committees for projects, coordinating committees of the Security Council by phone and email.  The term of service of the Chairman is limited to 6 months during which time he shall serve at the pleasure of the Constitutional Court and the Office of Registration.  His term may be extended for one extra term in succession by vote of the Security Council. The Chairman may resign, but with notice in writing to both the Office of Registration and the Security Council giving at least 30 days for a replacement and in resigning or finishing a term he will tender documents in his possession that will be needed by the replacement Chairman.

          The mission of the CSA Security Council shall also be to appoint committees of the three other Departments namely, Department of Defense, Department of War, Department of State.
          Note that the Dept. of Justice, Treasury Branch, CIB, and the Office of Registration shall remain under the Constitutional Court until such time as the government is fully functional with an elected President.


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